Become a Correctional Security Officer

Do you want to have a positive effect in the lives of others?

As a correctional security officer, you make a difference each day by enhancing public safety and preparing individuals for success after release.

This is more than just a job, it’s the start of a successful career.

No experience required. We provide training to make you an effective leader and set you on the path to change lives.

As an employee of the State of Oklahoma, you receive competitive pay with the opportunity for overtime, insurance, family benefits, time off and retirement.

ODOC full-time benefits include:

A supportive environment where employee growth is promoted.

Being a part of a team of hardworking supportive correctional professionals.

Comprehensive benefits package and competitive wages.

Salary: $3,546.10 month.

Medical, dental and vision insurance.

Paid time off and paid holidays.

Paid Holidays - 11 days a year.

Annual Leave - 15 days a year.

Sick Leave - 15 days a year.

Flex spending - Pre-tax medical/child savings.

Leave sharing.

Employee Assistance Program.

Longevity bonus.

20-year retirement.

Current Career Opportunities


Our multidisciplinary teams provide quality care to a diverse patient population. Functions include administering direct patient care, laboratory and administration capacity.

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As a correctional security officer, you'll make a difference by enhancing public safety and preparing individuals for success after release. You can pursue many career options including parole, OIG, investigating agent and correctional safety.

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Do you have a passion for serving others? Our teams play a crucial role in providing essential services inside and outside of facilities, such as: education, plant operations, religious services, fleet management, information technology and many more.

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There are many career positions open including parole officers, teachers, probation training officers, construction and maintenance and more.

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Begin your law enforcement career
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