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Correctional Security Officer


Job Description
A correctional security officer enforces the rules and maintains routines at a correctional facility. Their duties includes following security protocols and safety codes, supervising inmates and diffusing conflicts to preserve peace and order.
Supervising Inmates The primary duty of correctional security officers is to supervise inmates. They must know the location of inmates at all times and are responsible for escorting inmates to various locations within facilities. Correctional security officers must remain vigilant at all times while overseeing the daily activities of inmates.
Enforcing Rules Correctional security officers also enforce rules. It is the responsibility of the correctional security officer to know these rules and ensure each inmate follows them.
Enforcing the rules also means keeping order within the facility. This includes resolving disputes, administering disciplinary actions or preventing issues from arising. Correctional security officers keep order and enforce the rules using communication and punishments. Rules and code of conduct are of the utmost importance to ODOC.
Inspect Facilities Correctional security officers regularly inspect facilities. This means ensuring the facility is safe for both staff and inmates. You will also check for unsanitary conditions, illegal contraband and any signs of security issues. Inspections ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone inside the wire.
File Reports When there is an infraction of the rules, correctional security officers must submit a written report. This helps to keep a record of inmate behavior. Authorities may also use these reports at legal gatherings such as probation hearings. Most correctional security officers are required to submit logs of unusual or illegal inmate behavior.
Participate in Rehabilitation In some correctional facilities, officers also participate in rehabilitation efforts. This could include counseling inmates or providing specialized training and education courses.